The White Wastes of Aultha

Into the Wastes

The party awakens the next morning and after much awkward silence and a bland breakfast they begin to discuss their direction. Shai still holds the white stone and Demetrius, having felt the presence of Titanus in it for just a brief moment, wants her to hand it over. They discuss it while “Lich” goes out in search of signs of civilization. They are deep in the Fayril Forest, the home to the fay elves, but Shai, who has traveled the outskirts of the forest her entire life says that the elves have managed to hide their cities and towns so well that only another of their kind could ever find any signs of life. He is determined however and sets out on his own.

“Lich” eventually stumbles across a few elves just casually walking through the woods, they are all middle aged or younger men and are armed. He asks them which way to the closest town or city and they direct him out of the woods toward the Seven cities or across the forest to the halfling farms in the foothills of the Touloof Vale. When asked what he is doing in their woods he tells them that he and his friends we kidnapped by slave traders but broke free and are now looking for a place to go. They wish him luck and he turns around and walks away. While walking away he catches in the corner of his eye what looked like an elven man who would had to have been hidden behind him during his conversation with the three elves, but when he turns for a double take he sees nothing… The whole way back he has the feeling of being followed.

He returns to the group and they decide on heading back to Minaar, where Demetrius and “Lich” are from. they think they might be able to find someone there who can understand the nature of the white stone. They begin to head southwest and a while later cross paths with four elves, three of the elves “Lich” met earlier and another elven man, with his pet wolf.

There is more discussion of the party’s origins and destination and finally the elves reveal that they were following a slave caravan carrying a bunch of gypsy women, but it left the forest before they could catch up to it. They also say that there weren’t too many guards spotted. The man in charge was a heavy set man with a pig-like face and a brand on his neck. The elves warn them to steer clear, as they already know since they themselves were victims of slave traders.

The party continues southwest, making out of the woods a couple hours after night fall. Before them is the vast stretch flat cursed barren land called the White Wastes. Only on the outskirts can even a weed be seen growing, deep in the wastes there are no signs of life of any kind.

At the end of the first day they set up camp, and shortly after the last rays of sun have disappeared they see smoke in the distance! Could it be the caravan? They decide not to check it out, at least for tonight.

They travel deeper into the wastes and again have an uneventful day. Once they settle down for the night they see the smoke again, this time it is much closer. Whatever it is, it hasn’t moved since the previous night…

(more to be written soon…)



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