Rulers of the Aulthanian Empire


Arcanus is the name of the guild of Channelers who happen to rule the city of Aultha and therefore the entire Aulthanian Empire. Their dominance is singularly due to the fact that they are the only ones who can wield the power of Mana Stones and keep the curse of The White Wastes at bay, protecting The Seven Cities of the Aulthanian Empire. They are based out of Aultha but have members all throughout the empire. The most powerful among them, the ones who truly rule the empire, work out of the Tower of Arcanus.



Academy of the arcane arts

To become a guild member one must first undergo intensive training in the Academy of the Arcane Arts, which is in the city of Aultha. Entrance into the Academy is very expensive and selective. There are examinations of intelligence, demonstrations of skill, and of course the usual use of networking and large fees to keep out the “unwanted”. Furthermore, since Aultha is a pretty closed city (only open to respectable citizens with papers who have a good reason to visit not just any wandering adventurer or tourist) most of the members tend to come from within the city.


Three robes of arcanus

There are three main tiers within the guild, plus a fourth tier, students, who are studying to enter the guild but have not been admitted yet. Once a Channelers has been admitted into the guild they are given their choice of plain gray or plain white robes. Once they have mastered their first Mana Stones their robes are given green trim.

Once they have mastered their second Mana Stone they are given a plain green robe. Once they have mastered their third Mana Stone they are given their choice of white or gray trim. Mastering their fourth Mana Stone brings black trim. It is during this period in a Channeler’s career in which they will be sometimes be awarded special arcane runes are sewn in (also in green) if they have have achieved some type of honor.

The final tier comes when they have mastered their fifth and final Mana Stone. They are awarded Black Robes with green trim. Very few Channelers get this far. Many find politics can be an even bigger obstacle then mastering Channeling to their promotions.

Role in the Empire


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