Mana Stones

Black Stones with Unbelievable Power

Mana Stones in The White Wastes


The term Mana Stones actually applies to both the type of unrefined rock that is produced by natural processes and the finished product that the same unrefined rock is put through which requires both stonecraft and magic. Mana Stones are almost always black, though rare but particularly powerful stones may have swirls of other colors in them. there are rumors or legends about silvery Mana Stones.

Role in Magic

Refined Mana Stones are used by Channelers as a source of magical power. Most Channelers rely completely on Mana Stones to cast spells and perform rituals. The curse which is blamed for the dying of the land which is now referred to as The White Wastes is said to be held at bay by the power of the Mana Stones. This has led to the inclusion of Mana Stones in the very architecture of The Seven Cities. Within the protected borders of the city beautiful gardens and clean drinking water, usually in the form of giant public fountains and pools, are in abundance, especially in the city of Aultha, which has the largest and the greatest number of gardens, fountains, and baths in the empire .


Magic ring containing a powerful Mana Stone
Refined Mana Stones that are kept on one’s person are usually round or elliptical, but not perfectly spherical. It is common to flatten a side or two of the stone so that it can be conjoined with jewelery, such as necklaces or bracelets. It is rarer that it is studded on a ring. Armor and robes are also common items for Mana Stones to be mounted on. Mana Stones are a common sight in the architecture of The Seven Cities, especially on important buildings. To deter their theft they are often placed up high and are sometimes guarded with protection spells. The most extravagant use of Mana Stones in architecture is the Tower of Arcanus, which utilized a special process to meld the stones into whole slabs which were used exclusively for the top levels of the tower.

Mana Stones

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