Major and Minor Religions Observed within the Empire

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While the practice of arcane magic has been declared illegal for all but members of Arcanus, the practice of religion and religious magic has remained legal. The empire is dominated by a few major religions that have entered into an alliance with Arcanus and are allowed to practice freely as long as they support the empire and a few minor religions that are allowed to practice, but on occasion find their clerics and members persecuted or killed for “practicing illegal (arcane) magic”, which is nothing more than a state endorsed scare tactic by the major religions trying to increase their membership by getting rid of their competition.

Major Religions

Lord Terron Lord Terron
Earth, Law, Strength
Lawful Neutral

Lord Terron was the first king of the dwarves. He united all of the warring clans through steel and blood under a single monarchy. He denounced their major religion, and its god Titanus. He claimed that good was too relative, it was fought over what was good and what was evil and this had kept his people apart since their creation. He said that what was needed was something hard as stone and unmovable like a mountain, much like the dwarves themselves, and he found this in law. Religion was persecuted and a cult of personality around Lord Terron surged. Upon his death he was declared a god. Since then he has been worshiped as such and the religion based on his philosophies has been the dominant religion of the dwarves.

Paterna Materna
Community (Family), Protection, Healing
Neutral Good

Humans believe that she is the creator of everything. Materna is often called “Our loving Mother” because she loves and protects all of her children. She cares not for politics and abhors violence. She is a figure of redemption for many, because her love is unconditional and eternal. Many people are comforted by the thought that when they die they will be lovingly embraced by their goddess mother. Many pray to her as a goddess of fertility because of her association with family and creation. Many crafts pay homage to Materna and new building are usually blessed by her priestesses and priests because she is a goddess of creation. Her holy symbol is a symbol of peace inside a circle representing the connections of family and community.

Mogut Yun Mogut’Yun
Knowledge, Magic, Runes
Lawful Neutral

Mogut’Yun is the only deity praised by Arcanus, however it is not the official religion of Aultha, there is no official religion. Mogut’Yun is not a humanoid deity or even thought of as a spirit, and therefore is never referred to as he or she. Mogut’Yun instead is an idea, the idea of an eternal secret, the ultimate knowledge of the multiverses. Mogut’Yun is neither living nor dead (nor undead). A secret only exists until it is discovered, and so is the existence of Mogut’Yun. Since Mogut’Yun can never be fully understood it will always exist. To come across knowledge that no one else knows of is to have a secret with Mogut’Yun, and makes one part of the divine (See The Origins of Arcanus for more on this idea). Because of this belief it is thought that many followers of Mogut’Yun have come unto amazing arcane knowledge and never told anyone of it. Much knowledge may have been lost this way.

St. Victus St. Victus
War, Glory, Nobility, Law, Commerce
Lawful Evil

Worshiped primarily by humans, Saint Victus represents the ideal leader of the rigidly hierarchical war-making state. He is also represented as a bird of prey, an animal that is literally above all others (when it flies over them) and is just naturally made to live off of the lesser creatures. His teachings say that life is a game that should be played to win and that there is much glory in being in the lead. Whether through business or war the strategy is to get ahead and destroy the competition. Selfishness and greed are virtues. The church refuses to think of their god and their religion as evil, instead they say that it is just what is best for the individual, and that helping the unfortunate is a sin because the gods have cursed them and decided to place them in their lower status. It is by far the strictest organization in the land, believing that justice favors the rich and powerful and that transgressions of all kinds should be dealt with severely.

Minor Religions

Borrek Borrek
Death, Destruction, Liberation
Chaotic Evil

This god of Orcs and Goblinoids is also sometimes called “The Black Warrior”. Followers of Borrek believe that everything (living and non-living) has a spirit that is trapped inside a physical body that desires to be freed. Killing and destroying are holy acts which unbind spirits from their physical bodies. In the same sense, death is nothing to be feared but itself is liberation. Followers generally do not commit mass suicide looking for liberation, because of the belief in their holy mission to liberate other spirits. Warriors who liberate the most spirits are said to be rewarded in the after-life by being closer to Borrek.

Travel, Luck, Air
Chaotic Good
The Woman in Red, The Lady of Charity, or Sufi as she is most well known as was an ascetic nomad who developed a large following thousands of years ago. She was known for her work preaching charity and peace to whoever would listen. She was also a spell caster who would use her magic to help others and solve problems. Legend says that she traveled so far that she eventually came to the realm of the Gods, where they decided to grant upon her eternal life and power beyond that of a mortal because of how she lived her life. Now, her followers believe that good luck is just the Lady of Charity granting more gifts, this time unseen.

Titanus Titanus
Earth, Good
Neutral Good

Titanus used to be the major god of the dwarves, until the first dwarven king united all of the clans under a single monarchy and declared law, order, and strength more important than the relativistic morality of good and evil which he blamed for keeping the dwarves in conflict with each other since the beginning of their creation. Titanus is the living earth, he is the dirt, the stone, and the minerals. Long ago he took part of his living body and sculpted the first dwarves, because of this he is also sometimes called “the father” or “our earthen father”. Now a days, followers of Titanus are at best tolerated but laughed at and at worst declared “enemies of the dwarven people who wish to throw us into chaos”. It is from this religion that the custom of spitting on the ground of one’s enemy was born. Because Titanus is the earth therefore the earth is sacred. Spitting on the ground of one’s enemy is a particularly offensive curse because it is saying that the ground they walk on is no longer sacred because they have walked on it- basically that they are so evil or vile or whatever that Titanus will not be present wherever they stand, therefore the ground below them is no longer sacred while they stand there and can be spit upon or cursed upon.


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