The Sylvarien Woods

A Treacherous Natural Beauty

Sylvarien woods

This massive forest is a testament to how beautiful and lush the land used to be, before the curse of the White Wastes. Gigantic trees, thousands of species of flora and fauna, and a roaring river of crystal blue water are all signs of the life that has been strangled from the neighboring barren lands. The river used to branch off and run straight past the city of Aultha, but it dried up long ago.

It is home to the Wild Elves, a shorter and tougher species of elf. They are a mysterious group, keeping to themselves and making anyone who trespasses on their land disappear very quickly. Many people think that the Wild Elves have used some kind of magic to make the forest come to life. It is even sometimes referred to as the Living Forest. Tall tales about trees and plants that come to life to attack visitors even have the more brutish humanoid races that live in The Orkish Wildwood afraid to venture too far in.

The Sylvarien Woods

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