The White Wastes

A Cursed Barren Land

White wastes02

The White Wastes are almost entirely infertile lands that are the habitat of very few species. The largest area is centered around the city of Aultha but smaller patches of the wastes stretch many miles beyond, much of it centered around the other six cities. Some of the Wastes have begun to encroach into The Lowlands of Mongar which had become a refuge from the cursed land for the once nomadic barbarian clans.

The White Wastes are not deserts. They get normal amounts of anual rainfall for the region and their turf is not typically characterized by sand. Instead it is usually very rough, dense, and firm bleached-white dirt, though occasionally there are more sand-like patches, which can be quite dangerous, and are somtimes referred to as “sink holes” or “quick sand”.

The White Wastes

The White Wastes of Aultha DarkMagus